Location Smart Leaked the Location Data of US Mobile Users

The Location Smart company leaked the location data of every mobile phone customers; it has been the biggest headlines of May 2018. On yesterday, the latest announcement arrives from KrebsOnSecurity company which also includes the news that a virus is available on the website of US-based tracking firm. The Location Smart was revealed the real-time location data of the mobile phone customers.

A free demo tool is available on the LocationSmart’s website that was discovered to create susceptibility. The company was revealing the truth to almost everyone who wanted to know the fact.

After confirmation from the KrebsOnSecurity company that the tool was used to leak the information even without asking for any password or any other forms of verification or approval. Now the LocationSmart company seizes all their services offline.

Though Infosecurity Magazine received an email by Location Smart in that Email; the LocationSmart has confirmed that Carnegie Mellon University security researcher Robert Xiao was the only one who can easily locate the subscribers personally by acquiring their consent.

With its mobility enterprise’s platform, the LocationSmart said that it’s an attempt to carry a safe and secure equipped efficiencies to their customers. “All disclosure of the location data comes from the LocationSmart’s platform which beliefs on first approval were receiving from the individual subscriber.”

The Tim Erlin, VP of product management and strategy at Tripwire, said that the continuously increasing the connectivity and gaining the access comes at a price. “ the Connections are going through both ways. The approval and understanding aren’t the same things. The Consumers of mobile phones are regularly consented to share their data without understanding and knowing what that means. “

“the LocationSmart’s service was really susceptible to cruelty, and the types of errors occur. The revelation is not even about a defenseless service but about the content of that service. No one can imagine that they can be tracked without any cause.”

One of the emails received from LocationSmart also confirmed the mobile phone users, that it had stopped the vulnerability which includes the consent mechanism of its online demo identified which was the researcher.

The LocationSmart wrote that  “the Location Smart confirmed that the vulnerability was not developed before 16th May and even did not affect in any of the mobile phone customer information which is being obtained without their authorization. On that day almost two dozens of the subscribers were located by Mr. Xiao throughout his exploitation of the vulnerability content.

The company said that we were continuing to make the efforts, only for verifying that no subscriber’s location was accessed without their permission and that no more vulnerabilities exist on the mobile users.

LocationSmart is also faithful towards the continuous improvement of its information privacy and security policy measures which was incorporating that it was learning from this incident into that process.

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