How Technology Can Make Thanksgiving Better

That time of the year has arrived when we have turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, the presence of friends and family, pumpkin pie and some reason to give thanks for everything we are blessed with. Technology can help us celebrate Thanksgiving together. We can make technology work for us this Thanksgiving and be more relaxed in this holiday season.

1- Cooking and meal planning apps

There was a time when Grandma used to easily prepare a spread for 20 people without depending on any sort of app. But in this digital age, using technology to the fullest will not be a sin. Especially when you have to cook for three consecutive days. From purchasing and planning list apps to recipe clearinghouses such as Butterball Cookbook to menu assistant such as the Snap guide to project management sorters such as Kitchen Pad Timer to interactive scales, the app store can always be your best friend. Most of these apps are available for free.

2- Video chat with your loved ones

Can you away from your loved ones? Nobody but you knows the value of video calling services. Use whatever you want to be it Face time, Skype or some other video conferencing service, just don’t let the distance keep you away from telling your loved ones how much you love and miss them on this Thanksgiving.

3- DVR, TiVo, and some other Video/TV solutions

Who doesn’t want to watch their personal Thanksgiving custom? The football games, the Macy’s Parade, in spite of fighting over remote, let us put technology such as DVR, TiVo or some other trending service that can dial up Aunt Martha’s favorite show. If you don’t like to watch TV, then take help of that enormous screen to allow everyone to display family pictures.

4- The electric carving knife

You may feel that this is a lot technologically involved. You can ask anyone who had to cut a turkey using the traditional method. They used to prefer a semi-sharp knife, and that was a really tough task. People now usually take help of electric carving knife rather than using the old customary methods. This is far more time and energy saving. This frustration minimizer and time saver is ultimate in basic Thanksgiving technology.

On this Thanksgiving, don’t give technology the power to ruin your day. Instead, put best attributes of the digital age to work for making the holiday even more fruitful. If you are a Back Friday connoisseur then keep in mind that lining up at 12;01 AM isn’t the way to go. You can always stay home and relax by shopping on the internet.

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