Google Tests A New Renovated Chrome

Widely used for internet browsing today, Chrome is currently available for almost all platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, etc. But recently it went under construction and came out with a newly renovated design and improved performance. Earlier, its users had complaints about its weak performance and dull interface, but now things might change as Google is testing a new interface this time presenting Chrome with a very different look.

Chrome has had a basic trapezoidal design since it was released in 2008, but now, it has received a different look. The tabs in Chrome Canary showcase the design which is a slope-shouldered look with curved corners. When the tabs are inactive, they will get merged with the browser by graying out in the background, and fine vertical lines separate them.

In addition to the tabs being different, address bar and search bar have also got a new look. Earlier the search bar was white in color, and it had sharp corners, but now it has been transformed into a gray oval shape. The overhaul of Chrome was sudden. Hence, it will be exciting to see how people will react to the new version.

The new design makes Chrome Canary inviting but the new features that Chrome has included make it even more attractive. A new feature that is added in this web browser is security. The sites which do not have HTTPS will be labeled as “Not secure.” The web browser blocks the third party apps from injecting in it, thereby reducing the chances “crashes” or “aw snap error.”

Chrome Canary has become a good companion throughout the world for internet browsing since it was developed in 2008, but Google is revamping Chrome Canary for the first time in a decade. It would be challenging for the company to keep the performance bar of “new” Chrome, high.

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