Google Maps Reviews now Supporting Hashtags for Easier Search

With the new update of Google Maps, Google seems to have secretly added support for hashtags in Google Maps to make it easier for Android users to locate the places they frequently search for.

According to a new report, Google has stated that the new feature of tagging locations using hashtags was added to its Google Maps over a week ago on Android. As of now, it has allegedly been announced to the Local Guides program members of Google Maps.

Google Maps is seemingly letting its Android users add up to five hashtags at the ending of their reviews. Also, users can add hashtags to their older reviews. Well now, there is no clear information on when this hashtag support will arrive on the Google Maps for iOS or the Web.

As stated by a TechCrunch report, Google Maps now supports hashtags in reviews with an intention to make it easier for Google Maps users to look for #dinnernight spots or #wheelchairaccessible places, or #familyfriendly businesses and many more.

As mentioned in the hashtags, the platform is going to suggest the users add up to five hashtags in every Google Maps review. Google has reportedly verified that the support for hashtags has been released globally but only on Android devices for now.

Google has reportedly recommended particular hashtags for a choice of places as wide-ranging hashtags like “#food” or “#love” will not be constructive. For instance, one can use #goodforselfies for locations with a good view, #vegetarian for some good restaurants, #wheelchairaccessible for areas that provide a wheelchair ramp, and many more things.

The most recent feature in Google Maps appears as yet another addition to the surplus of recent additions to the navigation platform. Also, the Google Maps app recently got a new messaging feature for chatting with businesses, whereas the last update to Google Maps had released a new Follow button that helps users to be updated on the events, news, and other updates from their preferred businesses.

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