6 Best Detective Camera Applications for 2019

Spying, the term itself isn’t liberating, it sounds sneaky, but there are some good reasons that you would like to do it for. There can be specific reasons that you want to do it for, for example- keeping track of your children, ensuring your kid’s safety, knowing about the service provider, etc. Know about the local laws before you use a spy camera so that you don’t break any of them. Users may easily capture videos or photos once they have installed spy camera applications.

  • Alfred Security Camera

Users will be fascinated by the night vision feature and flashlight. Users will get instant movement alerts, and it can be easily set up with Gmail account. The only drawback extracted out of it is that you require to keep the camera tool plugged in every moment. The application will be requiring two devices- either a tablet lying around or an old mobile phone. Users can open the app on both devices. The old one will become a camera that will be surveying area that you need to monitor. The remaining phone will become the viewer; with this, you could see what the camera picks up.  You can even use the walkie-talkie feature for talking between two devices. This app can be downloaded freely.

  • Silent secret camera HD

It has a straightforward interface that can quickly capture continuous shots with selective focus. It has been created for secrecy photo apps, and with this app, you could take a silent picture of anything where the environment is calm and quiet. The user can capture an image without even letting anyone know what you are doing. Users can get a secret camera HD.

  • Hidden spy cam

The application is equal to quiet hidden camera HD. You can take photos without letting other people know what you are doing. You can even display the photo research on display, or you can disguise it by a blank screen. Simply hit on the cover while you have to capture. Hidden spy cam tool is available for free.

  • Background Video Recorder

Users can record the video with an off-screen too. There is a single click video reorder shortcut. It even supports the night mode. This fantastic video recording application will help you in recording videos. Other won’t be able to know what you been recording. Users can even fix a recording schedule in the future. Users can also use back or front camera for trimming the video, store it or set max time for video recording. 

  • SP camera

Users may capture the videos and camera at the same time. Video can be recorded either in slow or fast motion. Now change the resolution of video recording.  Take help of this application for capturing video and photos. It can even use the fake on-screen image for covering that you have been using it. Keep the camera on at any specific location, and you can record what happened there. Users can even set it up for capturing the images automatically every few seconds.

  • Presence

It has many possible uses, one of them is that it is friendly with Amazon Alexa and it even supports several users at once. However, many users have reported technical difficulties in it. With the home security solutions, you may use any old device for monitoring it. Set it properly for monitoring the activities in your home. You will get the motion alerts in real time. It is even compatible with wireless sensors; those sensors can also detect door and window entry, temperature, water leaks, etc for a modernized system of security.

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